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Mothers Intuition offers special indulgent packages for women, mothers and the new-born … Massages, Bathing baby, Body scrubs, After-birth baths, Cupping & more …

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Body Scrubs:

{All Things Holistic}

by Sumaiyya Mahomed

Kindly note that all scrubs are made with fresh, authentic and un-preserved ingredients. No synthetic ingredients are used! Therefore my products are available as per the season.

{Cinnamon and ginger}

Slow roasted cinnamon bark, which is later ground is the base for this amazing scrub.

Use this warming body scrub to help redistribute fat as well as remove dead skin cells

R70 for 250mls


Slow roasted coffee beans which are gently ground in a mortar and pestle are added to this aromatic scrub.

Helps breakdown cellulite, reduce the appearance of varicose veins and firm up the skin.

R80 for 250mls


Vanilla pods that are infused in almond oil, as well as ground vanilla pods take this scrub to a whole new level.

Besides its amazing scent, vanilla helps soften the skin and is one of the most calming and uplifting scents available

R80 for 250mls


Air dried lemongrass makes up the base of this exhilarating scrub. Lemongrass is known to help break fevers. It's also an astringent which means its great for controlling oil breakouts and acne. It's also an uplifting scent that helps with depression.

R80 for 250mls

{Strawberry and Cardomom}

Gently dehydrated strawberries are the foundation of this delectable and uplifting scrub.

Enjoy this luxurious, yummy and intoxicating combination which balances your skin's PH, repairs tanned skin and nourish your skins collagen cells.

R100 for 250mls

{Shea butter, brown sugar and vanilla}

This luxurious scrub is good enough to eat! Shea butter is known for its amazing hydrating qualities which makes it excellent for eczema, and psoriasis. It also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You need not apply any moisturizer after using shea butter in your bath:)

R150 for 250mls

Do you suffer from pesky conditions like congestion, rheumatism and tired muscles? Are you tired of using invasive treatments that may have adverse side-effects?

Now introducing an exciting range of all-natural SALVES for specific conditions :)

Kindly note that beeswax is used in the following salves which serves a double purpose ie. As an anti-inflammatory and a moisturiser.

The following are available in 100ml amber tinted glass jars.

Citronella as an insect repellent- R70

Eucalyptus for congestion - R130

Rosemary for tired muscles - R130

Juniper for calming - R130

Bayleaf for rheumatism - R150

Bergamot for colds and bronchitis- R150

Rosemary for tired muscles - R130

Teatree as an anti fungal- R150

Lavender and tea tree for eczema and psoriasis - R150

Calendula and lavender for stretch marks-R150

Please inform me of any allergies, especially nut allergies as I use a base of almond oil. Recipes can be modified to suit you.

«Sitz infusion bags»

Healing the natural way...

Are you suffering with

•agonizing episiotomy stitches resulting from a natural birth?



Want to make sure you

•heal faster

•that your stitches stay clean

•that you do not develop a stitch infection

Then purchase a pack of 5 sitz infusion bags for R150!

What is a sitz bath?? The sitz bath is a European tradition in which only the pelvis and abdominal area are placed in water, with the upper body, arms, legs, and feet out of the water. The water can be warm or cool and one or two tubs may be used.

In this position the stitches are more accessible.

The bags contain the ffg aromatherapy herbs:

•Yarrow - heal wounds

•Dandelion - helps with inflammation

•Lavender - a natural antibacterial
•Alfalfa - has a cooling effect on wounds

•Mugwort - an excellent herb for female wellbeing

•Sea salt - an antibacterial that promotes healing

•sherpards purse- repairs wound

please note, herbs may appear less due to them settling, but all ingredients are carefully measured and checked to ensure consistency.

These are for a natural birth ONLY. Just a few available so book yours now

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