Ante-natal packages
A pregnancy is a completely new experience in itself and it’s normal to feel anxious and worried about your birth and life beyond that. At Mother’s Intuition we understand that and we have put together a unique antenatal class. From personal experience, we have devised areas of extreme importance that are covered in our classes, because we believe, that ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to bringing a new born into this world. The cherry on top is that our classes are one on one, as we understand there may be issues you would not be comfortable to address in public.
"They say ignorance is bliss.. Not true! Especially not when it comes to bringing a new little person into the world"

Introducing Mother's Intuition Antenatal classes...

One on one classe

My classes consist of the following:

•Packing your hospital bags, what do you really need? And what's unnecessary?

•safe exercises for during pregnancy and after birth.

•Preparing for a normal delivery, your birthplan (what type of birth do you want), pro's and cons on different type of birthing positions.

•Pain coping and breathing in labour.

•What to do in an event of a c-section? Preparing for a c-section.

•Newborn care.

•Infant CPR and choking

•Breastfeeding, latching on, remedies to increase milk production, breast pumping, etc.

Cost: R1000

Duration: 2 sessions of 3hours each over 2days.

50percent deposit secures your space:)

Make an informed choice...

Kindly note: this price excludes travel costs which is dependent on location/distance.

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