Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Birth Packages

{Mother's Intuition}

 Birth Package:

Cost: R2500
Our package  is broken down as follows:

Your prenatal: before birth I will meet with  you and your birth partner. This gives us time to get to know each other and discuss what type of birth you'd like. We also cover labor breathing in-depth as well as draw up your birth plan. As an added service, I am able to meet with your caregiver to speak about my role during your birth to put their mind's at ease.

Your birth: I will join you at the hospital/home/midwives residence, once you pass 3cm dilation. In the event of an induction, I will check in with you periodically and come through once you move into active labor.

Your postnatal visit: In your postpartum visit you may raise any concerns that you may have, debrief your birth and if you have problems breastfeeding, I will assist with a lactation consultation on the house.

Payment: At your prenatal visit, a sum of R600 will need to be paid. By 36 weeks the balance of your fee becomes payable.

Please note: if you deliver at Life Crompton or Hillcrest hospital an additional fee of R250 will be levied as a fuel charge. If you give birth out of the vicinity of Durban a fuel fee will be calculated according to the distance/location.

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