Friday, 3 October 2014

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies to facilitate a healthy pregnancy term, ease the labor process and enhance recovery in both natural birth and caesarian births.

•Injury 6C
Is most helpful for trauma injury, it also deal with shock that accompanies the trauma. It promotes healing following the birth process, reducing swelling and bruising of stretched tissue in this rich area.

•Birth prep remedy 12C (contains Blue Cohosh and Pulsatilla)
Blue Cohosh tones the muscles of the cervix. Useful for false labor pains and for feeble contractions. It helps ingage a breech baby.
Pulsatilla will aid turning a breech baby. It will kick start labor.

•Birthing remedy 200C
Renders labor easier actioning uterus and ovaries. Contains Pulsatilla as well so it will kick start labor.

•Trauma and Shock 200c
This remedy is ideal for any shock situation. It is great for the 'thigh shaking' that usually follows birth.

•Renewal oil.
Is an ideal oil to apply to the perineum before and after birth. The arnica helps as an anti inflammatory, calendula aids with healing and lavender and rosemary improve circulation aiding in healing

Just R300. Courier available country wide at an additional R50.

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